Friday, June 5, 2009

Good Things
Yesterday was a rest day from training although I did get in the pool to stretch (the warm water is great) and to walk for five minutes. It helps with my stiffness which is a constant problem due to the residual spasticity that exists because of my spinal cord injury. I was back to running this morning for 30 minutes (2.43 miles). Although I enjoyed the rest day, it felt good to be back running today. Tomorrow will be a 6 mile run.
Hydroworx, the maker of the therapy pool I will use has pledged their support. In fact, the president of the company is trying to get some of his employees to run a marathon, in relay fashion, in one of their pools at their headquaters. They are located in Pennsylvania. We talked about creating a video hookup between us to share. Sounds like a Skype opportunity.
As of this morning, the pledge amount totals $6390 (or $6939 if I make my goal time). This is wonderful and I appreciate the generous support. We are close to the goal of $10,000. Thanks again to everyone. Scroll down for a list of those pledging.

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