Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm still here
I recently heard from someone who said "I haven't heard anything about you since the run, are you okay?" The answer is a definite yes. The day after the run I left town with my family for a house boating vacation week at Lake Powell. I appreciate the concern.

My recovery from the marathon was better than I thought. I rested for two or three hours that day but was up and going later. I got a good night's rest and was up at 500am the next day to leave for Lake Powell. I definitely believe my persistent training paid off in my quick recovery. I resumed my running in the pool yesterday, although I will scale back a bit on the mileage. It has made me feel much more energized and healthy to exercise consistently and with intensity. Something we all need however, as an aging person with a spinal cord injury I realize how essential it is for me to maintain a good level of fitness to counteract my lack of overall strength and reserve. We recently started a Wellness Program at Neuroworx to provide that opportunity for any individual with paralysis in our area.

An update on pledges: to date pledges and donations associated with the marathon run total $10,610. THANK YOU again. It will be put to great use at Neuroworx and will make a big difference. For those who are still wondering about how to complete your pledge, simply mail a check made to The Hull Foundation to 10376 S. Jordan Gateway, South Jordan, UT, 84095.

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